Franco Sbarro Jeep009

Dakar Jeep Update 07

Dakar Jeep Update 07 Starting to add Materials and Shaders now, with some UVs unwrapped I’m going for a new but used look (as always). I like to put branding on my designs for this project I went with the some reference to Off road Trophy Trucks to get that look. Done in 3ds Max rendered with Conrona Renderer…

Franco Sbarro Jeep003

Dakar Jeep Update 01

Dakar Jeep Update 01 here’s a sneaky peek of the Suspension and Steering design. The specially designed Pneumatic Steering is for all four wheels to give extra manoeuvrability over rough terrain. Done in 3ds Max rendered with Conrona Renderer…


Sci-Fi Christmas

It’s been a busy year and just enough time for one Sci-Fi Christmas a Last Render of 2016… It’s was a hectic one to say the least with not as much personal work done as I’d like but I’ve managed to get one last Quick render in before the year is out. Have a Sci-Fi Christmas and a Fantasy new year folks, all the best for 2017…