Syd Mead Concept001

Wheel Concept UE4

Wheel Concept UE4 which I might turn into a full Luxury Vehicle in the style of the legendary Syd Mead. Some Quick texturing in Quixel Suite using Ddo and Ndo. I did work on the Shaders a little in UE4 to get the rubber looking right and the Car Paint material for the Wheel…

UE4 Material Study001

Material Study UE4

PBR Sample 1.0 UE4

PBR Sample v1.0

Here is PBR Sample v1.0 put together from what I’ve learnt recently in physically based rendering, I’ve made a Sample Pack of a PBR Maps and tested in Unreal engine 4. In this first version I’ve put in some materials that I use most; Chrome, Plastic, Rubber & Steel with a Gradient in the middle section and a single diffuse base colour on the left. The Four materials on the right are from Quixel Suite with a few minor adjustments to the Metallic, Roughness and Specular which looked closer in engine than the previewer in Quixel Suite. The middle section is to show how light is reflected accross the monochrome range from 0-1. The right section has a gradient for Metallic, Roughness and Specular. I’ll put this up on Dropbox to download and use, I hope this helps you understand more how they work together to reflect the light in different ways. Download