VinKat Cruizer006

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 04

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 04; I’ve finished the Landing Gear Block Out with the Landing Bay Doors, fully Rigged and Animated… The Landing Bay Doors need some mechanical linkage for the Opening Mechanism which will be easy to add into the rig when completed…

VinKat Cruizer005.1

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 03

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 03; Wing/Heat sink – Upper Right Hand with “claimed”alien Tech for the Shield on the sides of the Heat Sink… Rigged and animated with open and close position, I need to think about some effect for the Shield and the Engine fumes at some point…

VinKat Cruizer004.1

SpaceCraft Cruizer Update 02

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 02; Low Poly Engine impulse unit completed. Still trying to think of a name for this one, maybe Valkarie, not sure… I plan to render this in Max with Corona renderer but I’ve also started to rig and animate this for UE4. Blockout is completed for the ship inside as well as out. Uv’s are also done along with rigging on the engine, on the Wing/Heat sink set.