Engine Old Style002

Old Sci-Fi Engine Update 01

Old Sci-Fi Engine Update 01 Iv’e completed this with some quick Texturing in Quixel Suite but I’m not going for this Old Worn Out look. I’m thinking for the Shape and Style of the Land Speeder which is Organic a Sleek look will suit it better. I plan to put this Vehicle into UE4 with some interaction enabled, like getting in/out of the Cockpit etc…


SpaceCraft Cruizer update 08

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 08; More Details, this time with the Pilot/Passenger entrance which have Control Units either side. A single person platform to ascend/descend to the ladders inside the bay and Utility Pod just behind the Landing Gear… (Didn’t have time to post so this is back dated)


SpaceCraft Cruizer update 07

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 07; External Details added with “claimed”alien Tech for the Shield Generators on the sides of the Heat Sink. Note, just above the side Heat Exhaust and the Altitude Thruster in the bottom left of the render…   (Didn’t have time to post so this is back dated)