QSB67 Engine001

QSB67 Engine

I started a new personal project QSB67 Engine but it’s slow progress, something to keep the Hard Surface 3d Skills alive while I tackle the low poly action in UE4. I plan to put it into one of my older projects I did a while back HoverPod Roadster Something of a Garage scene with the engine exposed and body panels removed.

HoverPod Roadster Concept

Article Feature of My Work

So some of my work has been requested to feature in an article online. George who came to with such a manner of generosity and professionalism the sort of person who you remember meeting. So when he told me he would like to feature some of work in an article I quickly said yes. It seems those long hours working hard are starting to pay off, it’s a very rewarding feeling when someone appreciates your work. See the article here ColoredCG

Vencer Concept AB001

HDRI Vencer

This rendered image, with mental ray is a desert HDRI with a Sky Light dome and Environment  in Max with a textured plane. So I’ve been playing around with some HDRI lighting seeing what types of finishes I can achieve and for some practice.  Also did an Ambient Oclusion pass to add a little depth.

Portfolio Items