QSB67 Engine001

QSB67 Engine

I started a new personal project QSB67 Engine but it’s slow progress, something to keep the Hard Surface 3d Skills alive while I tackle the low poly action in UE4. I plan to put it into one of my older projects I did a while back HoverPod Roadster Something of a Garage scene with the engine exposed and body panels removed.

Snow Cat Plastic003

Exploration Vehicle Full Gear

Exploration Vehicle Full Gear with some newly styled spot lights, I changed the roof rack before modeling the gear, it didn’t sit right on the body. Fully modeled interior with gear and trimmings…

Snow Cat Rear Door Livery001

Exploration Vehicle Rear Door

Exploration Vehicle Rear Door Livery – Now I’ve been playing around with colour schemes and I think I have it, wanted the design to compliment the form and state the purpose of the vehicle…