Syd Mead Concept001

Wheel Concept UE4

Wheel Concept UE4 which I might turn into a full Luxury Vehicle in the style of the legendary Syd Mead. Some Quick texturing in Quixel Suite using Ddo and Ndo. I did work on the Shaders a little in UE4 to get the rubber looking right and the Car Paint material for the Wheel…


Sci-Fi Christmas

It’s been a busy year and just enough time for one Sci-Fi Christmas a Last Render of 2016… It’s was a hectic one to say the least with not as much personal work done as I’d like but I’ve managed to get one last Quick render in before the year is out. Have a Sci-Fi Christmas and a Fantasy new year folks, all the best for 2017…


SpaceCraft Cruizer update 08

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 08; More Details, this time with the Pilot/Passenger entrance which have Control Units either side. A single person platform to ascend/descend to the ladders inside the bay and Utility Pod just behind the Landing Gear… (Didn’t have time to post so this is back dated)