Franco Sbarro Jeep007

Dakar Jeep Update 05

Dakar Jeep Concept Update 05 Chassis completed, I’m now starting on the details . Done in 3ds Max rendered with Conrona Renderer…


Sci-Fi Christmas

It’s been a busy year and just enough time for one Sci-Fi Christmas a Last Render of 2016… It’s was a hectic one to say the least with not as much personal work done as I’d like but I’ve managed to get one last Quick render in before the year is out. Have a Sci-Fi Christmas and a Fantasy new year folks, all the best for 2017…

VinKat Cruizer005.1

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 03

SpaceCraft Cruizer update 03; Wing/Heat sink – Upper Right Hand with “claimed”alien Tech for the Shield on the sides of the Heat Sink… Rigged and animated with open and close position, I need to think about some effect for the Shield and the Engine fumes at some point…