Engine Old Style001

Old Sci-Fi Engine

A quick personal project; Old Sci-Fi Engine which I did just to keep some ideas going about a new Project I want to create. A Land Speeder which I blocked out a while ago but didn’t return to it until now. I plan to put this Vehicle into UE4 with some interaction enabled, like getting in/out of the Cockpit etc…

QSB67 Engine004

QSB67 Engine Update

QSB67 Engine Update is still on the back burner but here’s a small update in the form of a basic mesh blockout. Still working on this from time to time inbetween other personal projects I’ve got going on. More to come soon…

QSB67 Engine002

QSB67 Engine Update

QSB67 Engine Update is pretty much a back burner at this point, just the odd mesh knock out inbetween all the other projects I’ve got going on.  I’ve been looking at loads of old muscle car books with HEMI engines in that’s having some inspirational effect. I’m always reusing and hacking other meshes that were used in other models to save time… Next, a block out of the Engine Block, stay tunned…