Vencer Concept AB001

HDRI Vencer

This rendered image, with mental ray is a desert HDRI with a Sky Light dome and Environment  in Max with a textured plane. So I’ve been playing around with some HDRI lighting seeing what types of finishes I can achieve and for some practice.  Also did an Ambient Oclusion pass to add a little depth.

Vencer Concept038

Front Chassis Update

The forward chassis is almost finished now – with the Steering Rack & pinion, Front Differential and brake lines. Some wiring and nuts/bolts to add then onto the rear with the Engine…

Vencer Concept014 CR

Vencer Concept – Update

Some small updates on my Vencer Concept in particular on the rear wing and the rear spoiler. I have also built up a windscreen wiper on the front which will be sown in more renders soon. This is my last piece of work before 2014 so I though a nice mesh render would be suitable. Enjoy!

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