Engine Old Style002

Old Sci-Fi Engine Update 01

Old Sci-Fi Engine Update 01 Iv’e completed this with some quick Texturing in Quixel Suite but I’m not going for this Old Worn Out look. I’m thinking for the Shape and Style of the Land Speeder which is Organic a Sleek look will suit it better. I plan to put this Vehicle into UE4 with some interaction enabled, like getting in/out of the Cockpit etc…

Syd Mead Concept001

Wheel Concept UE4

Wheel Concept UE4 which I might turn into a full Luxury Vehicle in the style of the legendary Syd Mead. Some Quick texturing in Quixel Suite using Ddo and Ndo. I did work on the Shaders a little in UE4 to get the rubber looking right and the Car Paint material for the Wheel…

Franco Sbarro Jeep012

Dakar Jeep Update 09

Dakar Jeep Update 09 Pretty much done now, with the modelling, the textures and shaders completed it’s about ready to tear up the sand dunes of South America in the Dakar Rally… Next will be to Render and composite a Desert scene. Done in 3ds Max rendered with Conrona Renderer…