Servicios Publicos Custom Blimp001

Servicios Públicos fan Art

Personal Project for the shortfilm Servicios Públicos fan Art. After working on this film Servicios Publicos in 2013 by a person who has real passion about the genre, Benjamin Piñeros. So I wanted to return the geature… I always loved the Stylised nature of this film, it’s dark, gritty and full of cool Retro Sci-Fi! In the evenings I’ve been putting together this fan art of the Blimp, I really wanted to recreate it my style. This is just the clay render with a blue sunny sky HDRI map for a quick render, the modeling is almost done with some attention needed on the rear but the textures are soon to be on their way. Which I’ll be doing in Quixel se 2.0, I wanted to wait for a new feature where you can paint the textures straight on to the mesh. The whole workflow in this package speeds it up conciderably, not to mention makes things easier! Servicios Públicos

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