My Top 5 3ds Max Plugins

Here is a quick run down of My Top 5 3ds Max Plugins I thought would proove useful in a 3d Artists workflow.

1. Quad Chamfer Modifier by Marius Silaghi

This is a solid piece of script with the few options you’ll need to create clean Quad edges. The default they have in Max doesn’t live up to standard for an all quad Model, I believe 3ds Max 2015 now comes with a Quad Chamfer modifier as default (and I heard mixed reviews about this), however; while I’m running an older version of Max this is one plugin I constantly use on all my models. Using in the Mod stack it’s non destructive and regularly being updated by the developer its a must have in your tool kit!

Quad Chamfer


2. Loop Regularizer by Garp

Already available in 3ds Max as a loop tool the operation is the same (in theory) but it simply doesn’t work, the script is so unreliable this dev has taken upon himself to write one that does! “This modeling tool works with edge loops on planar and curved surfaces as well as cross-sections and accepts multiple loops at once. Valid loops must be closed, not branching and not connected to each other.” It’s so simple and intuitive – located in the right click poly tools, many Max Users believe this should be the default tool script instead of the other…


3. Unwrella 3 by 3d-io

IO have just released their new update to Unwrella 2 which is now compatible with Max 2015. I think it’s safe to say that now more than ever the workflow of an artist is finely tuned to keep the pace at which the industry requires, so who wants the painstaking process of unwrapping UVs slowing them down. With such a fast, simple and reliable unwrapping solution this package is a go to piece of kit “allowing the unwrapping of 3d models to be done with a single mouse click while simultaneously providing optimal results that combine the minimized texture stretching of automated unwrapping techniques with the efficient space utilization and chunk distribution of UV space that is achieved with manual pelt wrapping methods.”

Unwrella 003


4. Labyrinth by JokerMartini

Labyrinth is a spline plugin for 3ds Max which allows users to create splines on any given object – Compatible with 3ds Max 2012/2013/2014 (64bit only).  This powerful script is updated regularly by a skilled script writer who does listen to the user feedback and feature requests. Labyrinth which can be used for a variety of things, especially for those modelling into their scenes; cables, ropes, wires and more generates results very quickly and easily enabling the artist to achieve the desired look in seconds. Options are plentiful and possibilities are great making this plugin a very useful tool.



5. TurboSmooth Pro by Marius Silaghi

“TurboSmooth Pro is a modifier plugin for 3ds Max which produces nice smooth semi-sharp creases on your models, unlike the standard TurboSmooth produces. It also give you the ability to have linear UVs which in some cases can help in the texturing pipeline.”

Turbosmooth Pro001

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