Dark Storm

I was asked to join a team at Fenrir Studios in October 2014 and build some assets for an Indie game, a single player tactical stealth with a female lead character (Which the gaming industry needs plenty more of!) so with that alone I was interested. “You play as Amber, a mechanical engineer working in a classified laboratory facility near the alaskan border. When your lab comes under attack by an unknown assailant, your main objective becomes survival. Using elements from your environment, escape is crucial, and the odds are against you. But Amber’s story is only a small part of Dark Storm. Through episodic content releases, you can explore the whole Dark Storm universe, find out what secrets the government doesn’t want to let out, and what your part in all of it is.” The final Game has yet to be determined when the release date is but there is coverage on Steam There’s some really nice artwork being created for this game which you can also check out Here.

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