Autodesk in a browser

Autodesk in a Browser

Autodesk works with Amazon, OTOY and NVIDIA to enable your 3D modeling tools in a browser.

For the first time ever Autodesk has announced that Autodesk Inventor, Revit, Maya and 3ds Max design tools via a web browser. All this can by achieved via remote software without sacrificing performance or features. Continuing to build on Autodesk’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), OTOY and NVIDIA this new capability debuts as a tech preview and is an important expansion of the remote access capabilities provided through Autodesk Remote software. See More;

Keloid BLR_VFX000


This awesome short with Two years in the making with an excellent concept artist Aron Beck who worked on the film Elysium. the short film portrays humanities endless political endeavor of war and power now with the aid of A.I. the wars become more violent than ever…

LucasFilm MoCap001

LucasFilm Tech

This is incredible! Lucasfilm combine games engine rendering with real time motion capture to create a live rendered film. Completely cutting out the need for post production. One frame would take 5 to 30 hours to render depending on the system but this is real time at 24 frames per second! Truly awesome tech!  – Read More…