HoverPod Roadster Concept

Article Feature of My Work

So some of my work has been requested to feature in an article online. George who came to with such a manner of generosity and professionalism the sort of person who you remember meeting. So when he told me he would like to feature some of work in an article I quickly said yes. It seems those long hours working hard are starting to pay off, it’s a very rewarding feeling when someone appreciates your work. See the article here ColoredCG


67 Free HDRI Maps

Grzegorz Wronkowski known for the resource site HDRI.com put together 67 HDRIs that are available to download free.

Lets Get Real About Concept Art

Lets Get Real About Concept Art

So this was an eye opener… I had an idea about Concept Art and the industry, or I thought I did… Turns out there’s a silver lining to the scary monster stood over you, ready to devour your last bit of creative confidence. This article addresses a real story – behind the scenes tactic and dears to tackle the blurred misconception that the public has on what concept actually is…

I really advise you to read more for an honest and liberating article. Read More…