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Sketchfab 3d Model Previewer

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When I first stumbled upon Sketchfab a  3d Model Previewer couple years ago, I thought it was such a simple and novel idea but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. There  were a few Ideas on how I could utilize it to my advantage but the options were limited and I wanted more. I left it for a while to return with a powerful tool that has a solid function. I’m glad they’ve been able to stick with it and develop the platform – its been getting steadily better over time with more options. I now use this great platform to display the 3d Models I put up on 3d Squirrel, a Marketplace to sell 3d Models.

PV3D – Energy Bulb by PaulV3D on Sketchfab

Fire Extinguisher co2 2k002

Fire Extinguisher

A quick weekend project which I’m sure this will come in handy for future scenes…

Snow Cat Track006

Exploration Vehicle Suspension

 This is just one of the suspension units which will be of a 6×6 design, will have a cabin will seat Seven people and have storage space…