67 Free HDRI Maps

Grzegorz Wronkowski known for the resource site HDRI.com put together 67 HDRIs that are available to download free.

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  1. Ricky
    Ricky says:

    Ran into a snag with cycles is there a way to comibne two displacements for the same object ? it does not appear so. Have one diffuse texture and displacement for the overall object in the material output node. Then I mixed a cloud/noise texture with a gradient texture and input that into a color ramp then plugged that into the fac value of a mix shader and added another diffuse texture, such that the second diffuse texture only appears on parts of the object where the cloud texture, gradient, and color ramp define. I.E adding a moss texture to a tree bark texture, so that the moss appears on only certain parts of the tree I define. While the material node setup for the moss works just fine; but I have only the diffuse and spec values added, but there’s no place to plug in the height map for the moss material. Is there a way to comibne or add two displacements as part of the same object in cycles? It doesn’t appear there’s a node where you can input a displacement and no way of combining two material output nodes for the same object (the only node I know of that will accept a displacement value). It seems cycles does not have a concept of layers as does the compositor. The only way I can think of, in that case, is to separate parts of the object by vertex groups, so that I can apply different textures to the object or use a particle system for the moss hmm this one’s got me stumped.


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